Archive for May 2002

Asset Management

I've written a document on Asset Management that describes how a simple thing like knowing what computers and software is where can have significant benefits for the organization. Something, like reducing total cost of ownership, are obvious. Other benefits, such as providing for "zero-day employee provisioning" and serving as a foundational database for the operational systems are not as obvious.
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I just downloaded Radio Userland

I just downloaded Radio Userland and decided to try it out. I've used Slashcode to build a number of community based sites, including one for the course I teach at Brigham Young University on enterprise computing and one for alumni of the Japan Tokyo South Mission. Originally, I'd thought I might use Slash to build a weblog, since I'm familiar with it, but it seems just slightly different than a tool for building a weblog since its based on communities. In fact, as I explored some, I had the thought that what RSS and weblogs do in a decentralized fashion is
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