Enterprise Development in Utah

On Wednesday, I spoke to the enterprise development group on my principles for enabling web services.  The enterprise development group, or eDG as they call themselves is a group of specialists from across our IT organizations that meet regularly to share expertise and develop some de facto standards for multi-tiered applications in Utah. 

I'm very supportive of these kinds of groups since I think they represent our best hope at building community in an IT organization that is best described as "sprawling."  We have talented experts buried deep within the organization and, often, the biggest problem we face is being able to get the right people on the job.  When an issue comes up, we likely have someone who knows just want to do, but no way to get that expertise to the job.  Building overlapping communities of specialists and communities of interests seems the best way to attack this problem.  My open offer on blogs is an attempt to jump start some of those communities. 

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Last modified: Thu Oct 10 12:47:20 2019.