WiFi Frustrations

I finally made it to the OSCON conference in San Diego.  I'm listening to Matt Sergeant talk about "Why SOAP Sucks, Why SOAP Rocks."  A pretty interesting talk.  

Along the way, I've had some WiFi frustrations.  First, I got associated in the Delta Crown Room in Salt Lake City, but couldn't find a DHCP server.  Either it wasn't meant for public use or it was broken.  Next, I couldn't get into a room above the 8th floor at the Sheraton, so no in-room broadband connections.  The final straw was that on the conference floor, I got associated, but my machine (W2K) kept giving me a BSOD saying I had Multiple_IRP_Requests.  

So, how am I connected?  Using a VoiceStream wireless modem.  Always pays to be prepared. 

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