Intel Sells Utah-based LANDesk Unit

Intel's desktop management software is developed at their Salt Lake City facility.  They announced today that they're selling it to a group of venture capital companies.  At least one of the companies, vSpring, is based in Utah.  Utah seems to have a few companies working on desktop management software.  Utah-based Altiris is another example. 

I've written here before about desktop management.  I believe that in the last few years the ubiquity of the network and the development of software like LANDesk and Altiris has made desktop management a real possibility.  The benefits are many.  Among them lower costs and increased service to employees.  There's a strong resistance to this kind of change because it runs counter to conventional wisdom: more local people must mean we'll get better service, right?    Regardless, I think that a move to an enterprise desktop management program is inevitable.  If it doesn't happen on my watch, it will happen on the next person's.   We waste a lot of time trying to swim upstream. 

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Last modified: Thu Oct 10 12:47:20 2019.