XML and the Recreation One-Stop

Utah SunsetInterior Secretary Gale Norton was in Salt Lake City on Saturday to celebrate National Public Lands day.  She was joined by my boss, Governor Leavitt.  I am surprised that there seems to be no local press for the event.  Usually when a cabinet secretary comes to town to talk about public lands, there's a lot of interest.  There was an Interior press release (naturally) and a story earlier in the week saying the event would take place.  The thing I want to highlight from the 90 minute event is the use of XML on the recreation.gov one-stop. 

If you go to the site and search, you'll notice that you can find information about state parks in Utah (and other places, of course).  How did the data get there?  We (specifically the Dept. of Natural Resources) send them XML.  Utah is a recreation.gov partner.   This works the other way as well: you can get the recreation.gov data in XML.    An online manual describes the data format (unfortunately, its in Word format).   There is also (supposed to be) an XSD Schema file but no WSIL or other documentation as far as I can see.  All of these is being coordinated by the Government Without Boundaries project. 

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