ITC Direction to CIO on IT Strategy

Today the Information Technology Commission directed the CIO to develop a 2-5 page "vision" statement for IT in the State of Utah as a precusor to developing a larger plan.  The doucment is to be presented at the next ITC meeting on Nov. 21st.  I'm planning on the ACIOs providing a great deal of input into this document even though the ITC specifically stated that they would accept a document without agency input at this point. 

I shared the notion of enterprise architecture with the group since I believe ITC is the right body in state government to encourage and endorse an enterprise architecture.  I've distributed both the NASCIO Enterprise Architecture document and the Federal Enterprise Architecture information.   

Kevin Van Ausdal, the DCIO for IT, and I will be attending the semi-annual meeting of NASCIO in St. Louis next week and I'm sure that this topic will be discussed in some detail.   I'll be blogging the conference, so if you're interested in this, stay tuned. 

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Last modified: Thu Oct 10 12:47:20 2019.