Steve Cooper on Homeland Security

Steve Cooper, from the Office of Homeland Security (OHS), is the keynote speaker this morning.  I blogged his talk at the Western CIO Summit in Breckenridge this summer. 

Steve is discussing the OHS national strategy for homeland security---not necessarily the particulars of the strategy, but how it serves as the primary driver for an enterprise architecture. 

Interstate System for Sharing Information

Steve talks about using the word "interstate" instead of "national" to describe an information sharing infrastructure.  I think its important to remember that the interstate highway system (Steve's analogy) was built by the states with federal dollars to federal specifications.  I think that would work here as well, but the feds need to recognize that.  Steve talks about linking money to

  1. Compliance with enterprise architecture
  2. Performance metrics
  3. Standards

and having state CIO's responsible for these.  I agree. 

Specific Focus Areas

Steve talks about the following focus areas for what his office is working on:

  1. Wireless data
  2. Public health
  3. Geospatial data
  4. Pilot projects
    1. 3-6 months duration
    2. less than $1M
    3. cross agency (different functional areas and different levels of government)

[As an aside, I had a much better set of notes on this and accidentally deleted them before they got posted.  One of the few real complaints I have about radio (and one that's not easily addressed except by user vigilance) is that the browser based editor has some quirks---one of them is that if the browser gets sent somewhere else accidentally, the contents of the window are lost.  Oh well...]

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