One of the Things I'll Miss

One of the great things about being a CIO is that you can get technology questions answered quite quickly most of the time.  Yesterday I was having lunch with a friend of mine at the David Chase Cafe (great place, btw) and he complained that his T68i phone didn't get very good reception at his house near there.  Sure enough, I pulled out my phone and I had no bars.  Today ATTWS was in the office for another meeting and so I asked about it.  My question was whether they'd built out all their cell sites with GSM/GPRS or were still making capital investments.  The answer is that all current cell sites are GSM/GPRS capable, but that the wavelength used for GSM doesn't travel as far as the frequency they use for TDMA.  ATTWS still needs to fill in some of the gaps and has a capital plan for 2003 to do so.  So, Bill, there's your answer. 

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