Perens on SCO vs. Linux

Bruce Perens writes in about Microsoft's entry into the fray by licensing SCO code. I wrote about this a little yesterday. I got the reference to the article from Jeremy Zawodny's blog. I think Perens does a pretty good job of laying out the story from the Open Source perspective---especially the FUD factor. There's some real irony in Microsoft "coming to SCO's aid" and its more than just Microsoft licensing Unix code.

The irony is that SCO is the former Caldera. Caldera is the entity that inherited all of the Novell vs. Microsoft lawsuits from Novell with Noorda's aid and blessing. In fact, that's how they got ahold of SCO. Caldera has made a tidy sum over the years by suing Microsoft. That makes me more than just a little skeptical of Microsoft's motives in licensing code from SCO. This is a little company that has made a living out of suing other companies over IP. SCO vs. Linux is just the latest chapter in an ongoing saga.

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Last modified: Thu Oct 10 12:47:20 2019.