Bizarre: Now I'm Headless Nick

The Deseret News is running a piece in anticipation of today's release of the follow-up legislative audit which was ordered last November. As usual, its full of half truths, mis-statements, innuendo, and bizarre rumors. The funniest is this one:

"Nobody is going to believe that Windley's influence in state government is not being carried out through his friend, Steve Fulling," one IT employee said. "The guy has been gone for seven months, but his ghost is still there. Everyone is still freaked out about Windley."

This kind of rumor isn't new. I think its funny that these people's world view is so narrow that they actually believe I've got nothing better to do than to continue to run IT in Utah after the State stops paying my salary. Of course, the people feeding these rumors don't really believe I'm still trying to run IT. This is really an attack on Fulling. The more closely Fulling's policies and programs can be tied to me, the more easily they can be discounted without examining their merits. The legislature and the press just play right along.

I do have an interest, as a citizen of the State, in how its run and a special perspective since I see some things as they really are because of my past position. IT in Utah is screwed up and what's screwed up about it is the way a small group of employees manipulate the system to protect their parochial interests. This summer's issues are nothing more than their continued efforts to ensure that they protect their turf and can ride out the rest of their time at the State with their feet up on their desks instead of doing something productive.

Its pathetic that the administration puts up with it, but these guys have been around for 25-35 years and they know the system. The administration is powerless to stop them so everyone just cringes and hopes they won't be the next target. This group knows how to use anonymous letters to the press and the legislature. They know how to stir the employees up with rumors, even ridiculous ones. They smile in your face and tell you they're with you and then go to a meeting with their peers and stab you in the back. They have some powerful allies. All of this protects an IT organization that is about as dysfunctional as any you could find. This is the borg at its finest.

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