Weblog Business Strategies: Michael Gartenberg

The introductory speaker is Michael Gartenberg, VP and Research Director for Jupiter Research.

Michael asks: "Why Weblogs?"

  • Rapid communications
  • Rapid feedback
  • Getting the message across
  • Extend the brand to new audiences

He asked the question of Jupiter management and the debate was furious because Jupiter isn't used to giving away content. Still, in a short time, they've had quantifiable results: clients have said they renewed because of Jupiter weblogs. Microsoft Monitor is an example of a research line with a companion weblog

There's a gap between perception and reality. Michael says this is the perception:

  • Lack of Ethos
  • Lack of Value
  • Creates web noise (redirects Google)
  • Ego driven publishing

He claims that the reality is different:

  • First hand expertise You have a business forum in the speaker's own voice
  • Traditional publishing is ego driven as well
  • Opportunity for direct contact with audience
  • Customer centric communication
  • A "no-spin" zone

Michael, referring to the scene in the Graduate where Dustin Hoffman is told to go into plastics, asks are weblogs the new "plastics?"

  • There's lots of hype, but that's OK.
  • Easy way to get internal visibility
  • Easy way to get external visibility
  • Easy way to get fired

No one every got into trouble by keeping their mouth shut---weblogs are the antithesis to that maxim. With that, Michael offers up a few keys for corporate weblogs:

  • Keep it modest at first
  • Go internal before you go external
  • Ask permission, not forgiveness Adding a disclaimer isn't enough.
  • Who should blog? Everyone with something to say
  • Blog early and blog often
  • There are differences between corporate weblogs and personal weblogs
  • In general, keep the cheesecake recipes offline.

Perhaps the most important thing that I heard in this talk: Love is a better master than duty.

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