IX1: Intermountain eXchange

The IX1 web site and call for participation have been posted. Intermountain eXchange is an annual regional conference focused on next-generation wide-area network issues affecting Utah, Colorado, New Mexico, Wyoming, Montana, Idaho, and Nevada. I posted the notes from the program committee meeting earlier along with a list of objectives:

  • Discuss why broadband matters in the Intermountain Region
  • Educate about regional developments in broadband and wide are networking.
  • Share success stories, case studies, and ideas
  • Develop a common vision and understanding of what is possible.
  • As an outcome, define a path for future regional efforts

Jim Stewart has posted some information about speakers and planning. We're excited to hear about what others in the Intermountain region are doing with wide area and metropolitan area networks. If you're doing something that others should know about, please respond to the CFP.

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