Event-based eGovernment: One Stop Goes Live

While I was gone last week, Utah's One Stop Business Registration service went live. This was one of the projects started last summer as part of the Governor's IT plan. The idea is simple: rather than go to seven different state agencies, the IRS, and a city to start a business, create a single place where people can fill out one set of forms, pay one fee, and take care of it all at once. This kind of service integration is one of the great possibilities of eGovernment. There are dozens of these kind of "life event" services that could be developed. Some examples: "I'm moving to Utah," "My child is starting school," "I've been arrested," "I'm getting married," "I'm getting divorced," and so on. I'm glad to see one off the blocks.

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Last modified: Thu Oct 10 12:47:20 2019.