Open Source Meme Map

Open Source Meme Map

Open Source Meme Map (Click to enlarge)

O'Reilly's P2P forum has an Open Source meme map that I saw yesterday for the first time and didn't want to loose track of it, so I post it here, as much for my memory as for anything else. This was part of an article by Tim called Remaking the Peer to Peer Meme. There's some interesting ideas here and while none of it is exactly news in 2003, its interesting to see it all in one place and related in this way.

Clearly the map is not exhaustive, but meant to be representative, particularly for the green "example" bubbles. One thing I'd add, that I think is important is that many (most?) Open Source Software (OSS) projects fail---and that's OK.

One of the things I'd like to understand is how this map changes for internal projects built on an open source model. There are a number of companies, like HP, using open source development ideas and tools for internal development teams that are distributed. Clearly some things change. I think the strategic positioning is the same, but the user positioning is clearly different. Likewise, the core competencies are still important. This raises the question of how much of this is specific to open source and how much is Internet-era, distributed development methodology and whether that ought not to be studied in its own right as a necessary, but not sufficient component of the OSS movement.

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