Login.Utah.gov: An Identity Case Study

Utah has announced a new enterprise web authentication system called Login.Utah.gov. The system is built on top of the Utah Master Directory. The system is designed so that it is usable from multiple applications and will provide a interoperable authentication infrastructure for multiple applications.

In addition to State employees, the UMD can contain user information for non-State employees who are users of State applications. Several public-facing applications are being developed to use UMD and Login.Utah.gov. The eREP project, a major social services system, will be using Login.Utah.gov for authentication on future application releases. All eREP users will have accounts in UMD. The Department of Health‚s Utah Notification Information System, or UNIS, which will notify medical providers throughout the state of Homeland Security alerts, will also use UMD. It is anticipated that many more public-facing applications will take advantage of these tools to bring more eGovernment services to the citizens of Utah.
From ITS Announces UMD and Login.Utah.gov
Referenced Wed Dec 24 2003 14:08:21 GMT-0700

This is just one more step in a multi-year effort to create a mature authentication and authorization platform that supports the identity needs of employees, citizens and businesses. Identity infrastructures are an example of the kind of painful infrastructural development processes that underpin eGovernment. Going beyond vehicle registrations and hunting licenses requires this kind of maturity. Unfortunately, its often unrecognized because its not flashy. I, for one, understand the pain and hard work that goes into this kind of announcement. Congratulations to all who made it happen.

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