Lydon Interviews Morris and Trippi on Politics and the Internet

Christopher Lydon has several interesting interviews on his site. If you're interested in the intersection of technology and politics, you should really listen to his interview with Dick Morris and his interview with Joe Trippi.

"I'm a Cortez guy," Joe Trippi roared at the end of our conversation in the corner office of Howard Dean's headquarters in Burlington, Vt.  As in: Hernando Cortez, the Conquistador who faced the Aztec hordes five centuries ago with just 400 Spanish troops at his side, and burned his own boats on the beach in case his compatriots thought of leaving prematurely.  Horses, gunpowder and steel made all the difference for Cortez.  The Trippi difference in the Democratic nomination fight has been the Internet. 
From Christopher Lydon Interviews... :
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These interviews, along with Doug Kaye's IT Conversations are a great reason to own an iPod. At this point, its got to be a business expense.

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