Utah Legislature Adds RSS

The Utah Legislature has added an RSS feed (v2). The feed is described (in the RSS) as "The Official Newsfeed for the Utah Legislature." The feed contains links to PDF reports about interim day activities, audit releases, and some news. Its not clear how its being produced--I hope that its linked into what ever other systems they use for tracking news releases or it will probably fall into disuse. I'd like to see each piece in the Interim report listed separately and links to HTML rather than PDF, but that's a nit. This is a great first step and the Legislature ought to be commended for it. Here are some other RSS feeds I'd like to see from the Legislature:

  • Events. The calendar ought to be issued as RSS so that notice of public meetings and meeting changes go out as an feed.
  • Bill Status. The activities of each day surrounding each bill ought to be in an RSS feed.

Syndicating this information would make it easier for interested citizens to follow the Legislature's activities and track legislation. These could also then be easily listed n other Web sites that follow Utah politics (like UtahPolitics.org)

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Last modified: Thu Oct 10 12:47:20 2019.