SCO Shunned at OSBC

I heard an interesting story today. Seems that the organizers of the Open Source Business Conference had originally invited Darl McBride of SCO to speak in the interest of fairness, but then when the antics got going, uninvited Darl to avoid the circus that that would surely entail. That was a while back and all has been quite---until today.

This afternoon, SCO called up an OSBC organizer and offered a $40K sponsorship. That's $10K above the Platinum sponsorship which is going for $30K. SCO wants to speak in a bad way. Actually, I think more than a chance to speak, they want a press release that says they're going to speak at the Open Source Business Conference. In any event, OSBC turned them down and they won't get their wish.

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Last modified: Thu Oct 10 12:47:21 2019.