The Power of the Penguin

Netcraft is an online tool that lets you determine what Web server/OS combination a Web site is running. Doc Searls used it to compile a list of the Web server/OS combinations of the Presidential candidates. Not surprisingly, Republicans are taking a beating because the Bush/Cheney campaign runs IIS on Windows 2000. How embarrassing! :-) Well, just to show that not all Republicans run Windows, here's the Netcraft data for

On a more serious note, Netcraft is a good little tool to have hanging on your toolbelt. There's all kinds of interesting data there. For example, you can see the history of and see that sometime between August and December, I moved from a FreeBSD server hosted at Verio to a Linux box hosted at FiberNet. You can also clearly see, for example, that used to be hosted on the State's network and now its not.

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