DDTI: eVoting Panel

The eVoting panel went well (at least I thought so). While I couldn't blog it, several other people did. Here is Ross Mayfield's entry.

I think the summary of the panel would be:

  1. The current systems and process leave a lot to be desired.
  2. But, they're not going away.
  3. So techies need to be involved to solve the problem.

Here's some ideas about how to get involved:

  • Start with your county clerk and find out what election system your county uses and how it is certified. What issues do they face? Is there a way you can help them?
  • Meet with someone in the state election's office. Ask them the same questions. What is the certification process is your State?
  • Engage your legislators. Send them an email and ask to meet with them. Help them understand the issues surrounding eVoting so that they're educated.

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