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elearnspace points to a an overview of SharePoint, Microsoft's server-based document repository. The elearnspace article gives some pros and cons:

If you know Windows and Office, the learning curve is very low. In my experience, I've been disappointed with the product (sign in isn't direct and obvious, very little metadata support, very "boxy", no support for RSS, collaboration is basically just a threaded discussion, etc.) Given the opportunity, I would move toward a product like Plone, Groove, Drupal, or Convea. Over the next several versions, Sharepoint will certainly improve...but it's currently a product that looks like a poor duplication of the more effective collaboration tools now available (both open source and proprietary).
From elearnspace: Microsoft Sharepoint
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The c|net news article admits that getting people to use the tools is perhaps more important than finding the perfect tool:

Relying on a familiar set of tools is particularly useful with collaboration, Nemertes' Turek said, because there are bound to be other worker issues with using a collaboration system. Routinely saving documents on a shared server rather than an individual hard drive not only requires fundamental behavioral changes but a shift in attitude.

First, you get people comfortable with tools. Then, you get them to expand their notions of what they should share and whom to share it with, she said.

"Most Americans are a little bit reluctant to share all their information," Turek added. "They don't want to lose ownership of their ideas."

But the approach can be valuable, because "if everything I do is available for everyone else to see, then everything I do has to meet some standard of excellence," she said. "Management really has to lead people into this style of working."
From Sharing the love--and data--through SharePoint | CNET
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