In an article about Google and its decidedly different approach from Microsoft in creating network-based information repositories, Steve Gillmor spends a paragraph talking about a new RSS router that he saw demoed by Adam Bosworth (of BEA) and his son Alex:

In his eWorld keynote, BEA's chief architect, Adam Bosworth, cited the similar transformation around the GUI, which gave procedural control to users. Now RSS is creating another shift, away from the Web request model to user-controlled aggregation. TiVo-like user metadata can be harvested to offer services in return for access to group and trend data. And as RSS containers become more intelligent about applying authority filtering to feeds, the signal to noise improves. Bosworth showed eWEEK Senior Writer Darryl K. Taft and me an intelligent RSS router, built atop his Alchemy extended browser project, a framework that uses declarative metadata dynamic caching to create a rich conversation between a thin client and the server cloud. Sounds like HailStorm, I told Bosworth, who didn't disagree. But a HailStorm based on a framework BEA will open-source.
From Gmail a Gentler HailStorm?
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Steve's blog has an extended transscript of the conversation during the demo. Some interesting tidbits in there. I'm looking forward to listening to last week's Gillmor Gang to see if it comes up.

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