Sixth Myths of IT

This InfoWorld special report on the six myths of IT is generating some heat on the Web. I saw it first on the InfoWorld site earlier in the week, but since then I've seen it referenced all over. Here are the myths and realities:

IT Myth 1: Server upgrades matter Reality: Don‚t pay extra for upgradability; you‚ll never need it 

IT Myth 2: Eighty percent of corporate data resides on mainframes   Reality: Try 50 percent, or even less 

IT Myth 3: All big shops run multiple platforms Reality: This 'myth' is closer to fact than fiction 

IT Myth 4: CIOs and CTOs have a greater need for business savvy than tech expertise Reality: Tech chops matter more than ever 

IT Myth 5: Most IT projects fail Reality: It all depends on how you define failure 

IT Myth 6: IT doesn't scale Reality: Virtually any technology is scalable, provided you combine the right ingredients and implement them effectively 
From InfoWorld Special Report: Six great myths of IT
Referenced Wed Aug 25 2004 14:20:47 GMT-0600

These would make a good topic of discussion at this Friday's CTO Breakfast.

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