Put Your News Online!

Doc Searls quotes a formula from Jeff Jarvis where Jeff says in part:

Cut up your shows into stories and put them all online.

After you air a story, it's fishwrap. Nobody can see it. If they missed it, well, that's tough for them. Is that any way to treat your public? Well, you don't have to anymore.

You should put up every story you do -- and not just as a stream but as files that the people can distribute on their own.

You can still make money on this -- in fact, you'll make new money: Put ads on the video; track those ads; and tack on a Creative Commons license that says people can distribute the video but cannnot muck with it. And you'll find something magical will happen: Your audience will market your product for you and distribute it for you and it won't cost you anything more. It's free money, damn it. Tell that to your stockholders.
From BuzzMachine... by Jeff Jarvis
Referenced Fri Nov 26 2004 15:31:56 GMT-0700

This echos something I said last week about KSL and their RSS feed. KSL is quite progressive. I'd love to see them take this step. They're so close!

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