Phil More Gang No. 1, A Podcast

Have you ever listened to the Gillmor Gang and wished you comment on something that was said? Me too. As I listened to the November 5th edition, just after the 2004 presidential election, I kept thinking of responses or comments I'd like to make. I decided I'd do just that. So I cut some clips from the show and added my two cents. The result is my first podcast, which I call the Phil More Gang No. 1. The RSS, which I created with my hacked up version of ListGarden is available, as is a link to the plain old MP3 file. (Warning: this is about politics, not technology.)

I did this for the experience, more than anything. It was a lot of work and even so, the production quality is lacking. Something that would have taken 15-20 minutes to write as a textual blog entry took the better part of four hours. Some of that was my unfamiliarity with the tools, but a lot of the time was taken with listening, marking, cutting, splicing, and, of course, recording. Recording is hard because when something goes wrong, pretty much the only choice is to start again. You can't easily go back and change one sentence or remove a mispronunciation (at least I can't). I'll do a post later to talk about the tools and technique I used.

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