More Identity on the Gillmor Gang

There were nine of us on last week's Gillmor Gang. Doug called it the "GIllmor Gaggle." The topic was identity. Here's what Doug says about it:

This week The Gang digs deeper into digital identity with a panel of experts. It begins as a Kumbaya of identity vendors and technologies, but by the second half the gloves come off. Craig points out that everyone has built silos so far because there have been no alternatives. Is the idea of a Microsoft silo "old fashioned thinking," as Kim suggests, defending the company he joined not all that long ago? He then presents the first five of his seven Laws of Identity -- clearly well thought out and vendor independent as all agree. Everyone also agrees that no identity solution can succeed without the cooperation and participation of Microsoft, but Dave is skeptical given the company's history in identity management. Phil points out that PKI hasn't succeeded, and Kim suggests it's because PKI violated his 4th Law of Identity. And Doc suggests that digital identity needs a 'key personality' in the same way as Dave has played a lead role in RSS and blogging. Make sure you listen to this one all the way through.
From IT Conversations: The Gillmor Gang - December 31, 2004
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The discussion was just starting to get interesting when we had to end. That's too bad since this is a conversation that needs to continue.

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