The Emerging Massive Media

Paula Le Dieu (Cluster Head for Content Management Culture with BBC's central New Media department) is talking about "massive media," as opposed to "mass media." Massive media is blogs, wikis, podcasting, and other technology that are increasingly becoming the places that people get information--the what, where, when, and how. Mass media loses when its content isn't available for other's to use. She points to the leak of the first episode of Dr. Who. Rather than embrace their fans, the BBC is "investigating the leak." Contrast this to Battlestar Galactica that voluntarily pre-releases an episode to get fan feedback.

On the other hand, Paula talks about BBC efforts to make their HUGE archives available for rip, mix, and share. "BBC will not use DRM." The licensing framework is inspired by the Creative Commons. They will embrace the audience to be part of the distribution process (P2P). They will use folksonomies to allow users to help the BBC catalog the data.

For now, its only available in the UK and the BBC does not own rights to everything in their archives. The BBC is struggling to see themselves as a global media company.

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