Podcasting: Open Mike

Wednesday Infinity Broadcasting announced that one of its San Francisco radio stations will carry nothing but podcasts. What's interesting is that these podcasts will come from the users. Rather than creating podcasts for people to download, this station will broadcast podcasts that people upload to it.

Beginning on Wednesday, users can upload their podcasts for free at (http://www.kyouradio.com) where it will be eligible to be selected for broadcast on San Francisco's 1550 KYCY-AM, which has been one Infinity's underperforming stations.
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Referenced Thu Apr 28 2005 08:07:53 GMT-0600 (MDT)

I'll be interested to see what kind of reaction this gets. User-supported radio is something we hear about all the time on pledge week, but this is user-created radio. I suspect that it will help raise the quality of podcasts as people compete for airtime.

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