Apple Dashboard and Connectivity

I've been gone the last week. I was on staff at a Woodbadge Training course. For those of you not familiar with Woodbadge, it's an adult leadership training course run by the Boy Scouts. Probably the best leadership training I've ever received and being on staff was a lot of fun--even with the four inches of rain that fell last week.

While I was away, I had very limited Internet connectivity and even less free time. Consequently, I didn't post. I did have my Mac with me, however, and I'm running Tiger. One thing I noticed is that one of Tiger's most hyped features, Dashboard, is really pretty boring without connectivity. Most of the widgets I like depend on information that they get from the Internet.

More and more I find that I can't do much with my computer unless I've got a network as well. It's not just things like email. Even when I write, I depend on the Internet as an information source. I use it for research and even as my dictionary and thesaurus. This is just another example of how Web services, with or without SOAP, is becoming a reality.

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Last modified: Thu Oct 10 12:47:19 2019.