I've had a couple of interesting lunches the last few days. Monday, I had lunch with Jae-Myung Lee from the People's Solidarity for Participatory Democracy in South Korea. He was here on a State Department sponsored visit to discuss transparency and accountability with various people in the US. We talked a great deal about blogging. He didn't speak much English and had an interpreter with him, which hampered the conversation somewhat, but it was still worthwhile.

Today, I was at the vSpring v|100 luncheon. That's a great networking event because many of Utah's top entrepreneurs are there. I caught up with some old friends and met several new people as well. Governor Huntsman spoke and delivered the standard stump speech on economic development. I don't mean that disparagingly, there are some good ideas there. I liked that he said "government doesn't create jobs--business creates jobs." The most government can do is to try to reduce the friction that they generate where possible.

Update: Story on Gov. Huntsman's speech in the Deseret News.

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