My New Audio Toy: MOTU Traveler

MOTU Traveler

I got a new toy this week, a MOTU Traveler. The traveler is a small, but very capable, digital mixer that links to your computer via firewire. I have been using a cheap Beringer mixer that I plugged into my computer using a Griffin iMic. I've not been getting the quality of recordings I've wanted, however, so I was looking for something digital. I started out looking for a USB mixer, but this one caught my eye.

The Traveler has four XLR inputs and 8 other RCA jacks that are all available individually inside the computer. The mixer can be controlled from the front panel, but I like the software controls better. The Traveler also comes with a copy of Audio Desk, a sound editing program that seems pretty capable.

Combined with my JK Audio THAT-2 phone tap, I have an excellent set-up for recording phone interviews. Using the THAT-2, I listen to the phone in the headphones I'm using to monitor the recording and my guest hears whatever I say into the mic. The only problem is a small amount of crosstalk on the channel recording the incoming phone call that happens inside the phone itself. I get a clean channel with my voice, but the channel recording my guest has me on it as well, albeit faintly.

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Last modified: Thu Oct 10 12:47:19 2019.