If you've been paying attention to the newspapers, you've heard by now that Steve Urquhart has dropped out of the race. When we talked about him running last spring, we knew that November would be the first gate. If there was enough financial support, then the race would be possible and the next gate was caucuses in March. Well the financial support hasn't been good enough and Steve has decided that ensuring his business survives so that he can keep his family fed takes priority. I can't blame him.

Steve has learned a lot from this effort and, as LaVarr Webb says in his column Sunday, will emerge from this relatively unscathed. He'll live to fight another day.

Still, it makes me sad because it leaves us without a credible Republican challenger to Hatch. Pete Ashdown is still in the race, but a Democrat winning in a statewide race against a well-funded and well-liked Republican is a longshot. I believe that Hatch is bad for innovation, no friend of technology businesses, and working against the interests of most Utah businesses. If the tech community wanted to send a message to Congress on copyright law, this was their best shot, in my opinion. I'm pointing the finger at myself as much as anyone; I could have done more. Life goes on...

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