Geek Dinner Report and Pictures

December's Geek Dinner at Los Hermanos
December's Geek Dinner at Los Hermanos

I have a few pictures from last night's geek dinner. My talk went pretty well, but the Internet was out just when I was talking (worked before and after), so some of the demos I wanted to show involved some handwaving. One of the hardest questions to answer on microformats is "why would I want to do that?" Reminds me of XML in 1998.

The place was packed--well over 60 people. Phil Burns did a good job of running the dinner and keeping everything humming. Pete Ashdown was there and got a loud round of applause when Phil mentioned that he was running for US Senate against Orrin. All in all, a good event and one I'm sure will be repeated. Utah needs more of this--I know a lot of techies in Utah and the room was full of people I didn't know.

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