Intel QX3 Microscope and OS X

salt 60x
salt 60x

I've had an old Intel Play QX3 microscope hanging around the house for a while. My oldest daughter got it for Christmas years ago, but lately it's been gathering dust. It caught my eye tonight and I decided to see if there's an OS X driver for it. I was pleasantly surprised to see there is.

I couldn't get it to work at first. I had to change the resolution in the software to 320x240 before I got a picture. That's not documented anywhere. Still the Maccam software is pretty good--even controls the top and bottom lights correctly and responds to the shutter control on the top of the microscope.

My third grader is pretty curious, so he went around the house finding things to look at. We took some pictures and printed them off to take to science class tomorrow. I would have died to have something like this when I was a kid. Guess that's why I buy it all now.

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