Hans Peter Brondmo on Plum (ETech 2006)

Hans Peter Brondmo is speaking on "First You Google, But Then What?" When you have a question, you direct it to the great oracle: the search engines. The problem is that you can't make those results personal, collect them, rearrange them, and share them. Plum is a system for building collections of things that you find on the 'Net and share them. You can also collect from applications on your machine, including email, photos, music, etc. Has Peter demos how the tool (called a plummer) can automatically build a playlist of songs you're listening to.

Plum also creates a destination, if you like, that looks like a blog of things you do. The plummer has a plugin architecture so AppleScript of VBScript can be used to add support for other applications. The collections can be mashed up with blogs to display anything in a collection as part of the blog.

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