Halley Suitt
Halley Suitt
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My laptop was giving me grief yesterday (I think it's a memory problem) so I didn't get to everything I was planning on writing up. For example, I went to Halley Suitt's talk at Syndicate in the afternoon. Halley is one of the early bloggers and a great writer. She writes Halley's Comment and is the CEO of Top Ten Sources. She's also a sometime contributor at IT Conversations, doing a show called Memory Lane (I'd like her to do more shows--hint, hint).

The panel on SOA Governance went very well and we had some great comments. There were probably over 100 people there--the room was packed. My presentation on digital identity as the foundation for SOA went pretty well too. There was a good crowd and I had a number of them offer positive comments when it was done. I promised I'd point them to my sample digital identity policies, so there you go.

I'm home for a few days and then off to Scotland for a week at WWW2006. Watch for my reports.

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