Last week, Michael Fitzgerald published a column in CIO Magazine giving CIOs advice on blogging. We had talked a long time ago--I'd forgotten--and he mentions my blog and experience getting started when I was Utah's CIO. He makes some great points that someone new to blogging, especially someone steeped in the usual rules of business communication, needs to know.

  • Write in first person
  • Refer to other Websites by linking to them
  • Use links as a form of shorthand to avoid stopping to explain things that can be found in the link
  • Blogs are just a tool for communication--don't overthink them
  • Sound like yourself or no one will take you seriously
  • Don't feel like you have to be "more candid" than the next guy
  • Keep it short and to the point
  • Grow a thick skin
  • Remember that blogs are forever
  • Check your grammar and spelling

He also gives some reasons to blog:

  • Blog to establish and argue your position
  • Blog to improve communication with your staff
  • Blog to establish yourself as a guru or your company as a leader
  • Blog because you like to write
  • Blog to demystify your department
  • Blog to avoid the clutter of email

There's some good advice in the article and anyone thinking of mixing blogging and business ought to read through it and take it to heart. There are some other things I'd add that are covered in my essay on starting a blog, including advice on domain names and hosting.

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