Prepare to Be Aggregated People!

Marc Cantor introduced the alpha of his PeopleAggregator. I spent a little time on it and built a profile, etc. The interesting part from an identity perspective is built-in support for SXIP 2.0, OpenID 1.0, and Flickr ID in the system, in addition to the native authentication service.

As Marc said in a note to me:

We'll be introducing the notion of using any or either or these ID systems within our system, so they'll be a lot of 'explaining' to do. But instead of hiding all that away (as I've been told I should) we're going to proudly wear our geeks hat high, and try and show people why tying into user-centric ID systems is a good thing.

Indeed. I think Marc is very good to embark on an user-centric identity experiment as he launches his baby. This will add to their headaches, but give the identity community a much-needed source of data, bug reports, and other fun stuff.

Congratulations Marc and thanks.

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Last modified: Thu Oct 10 12:47:19 2019.