Doug Kaye's announced a new, hybrid business model (PDF) for the Conversations Network. Doug's vision has been that the Conversations Network would be non-profit, but that has proven to place limitations on the network that limit its ability to scale, build tools, and grow channels like IT Conversations.

As a result, Doug is moving to a hybrid business model. The Conversations Network will continue as a non-profit. It will own audio and preserve it, have a license to the tools that make it work, and serve as a home for many new channels.

Doug and Michael Geoghehan have formed a new company called GigaVox that will be for-profit, own software, pay employees, and run some channels. GigaVox will license software to the Conversations Network. Nothing in the Conversations Network (including money and assets) will flow back to GigaVox.

You can listen to Doug explain all this. I'm excited to see Doug evolving this model to find out what works.

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Last modified: Thu Oct 10 12:47:19 2019.