IT Conversations in a Podcasting Supergroup

An article in Podcasting News calls Gigavox Media, the new home of IT Conversations, the "first podcasting supergroup."

A new company promises to be the first podcasting supergroup, bringing together two influential pioneers of podcasting, Doug Kaye (IT Conversations, The Conversations Network) and Michael Geoghegan, right, (Reel Reviews, Grape Radio, and the DisneyLand Podcast).

During the Gnomedex 6.0 conference last weekend, Kaye announced the launch of GigaVox Media, Inc., a for-profit partner company of the non-profit The Conversations Network. Kaye describes the relationship between GigaVox and its non-profit sister as a "hybrid business model" where the two sides work in parallel: "together with complementary objectives."

Kaye will remain at the helm of The Conversations Network as founder and CEO, and will now serve as CTO at GigaVox Media. Michael Geoghegan will be the CEO of GigaVox Media.

Geoghegan and Kaye met in early 2005 at a dinner hosted by Tim Bourquin of the Portable Media Expo.
From Podcasting News: Gigavox: The First Podcasting Supergroup?
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