Intro to User-Centric Identity

Kaliya leads a session at DIDW IOS
Kaliya leads a session at DIDW IOS
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Due to a mix-up with my plane reservations (completely my fault), I ended up flying into San Jose today rater than last night which meant that I ended up at the DIDW identity open space event 30 minutes late. Poor Kaliya ended up with all the set-up herself.

I arrived (sans shampoo and toothpaste) just as the session planning session ended and the real sessions began. Kaliya had volunteered to lead a session introducing user-centric identity for people new to the meetings.

Kaliya did a good job of introducing the user-centric space and elicited good questions from the audience which, in unconference fashion, helped answer the questions that came up.

There were the usual questions that com up whenever you start discussing identity with a new group: How does is this secure? How does this differ from federation? and so on. There were also some questions on identity rights, Higgins and CardSpace, i-names, and identity commons.

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