The announcement for IIW2006B has been up for a while, but we really haven't drawn much attention to it. Please put Dec 4-6 on your calendar if you're planning on coming. The format and organization will be about the same as May's IIW: half a day of more tutorial material on Monday followed by two full days of open space/unconference on the 5th and 6th.

You can register using the IIW registration page. The costs are the same as last time, $75 for students, $150 for unaffiliated and independents, and $250 for corporate folks. If you're company's going to reimburse you, please pat the $250. It's strictly honor system.

If you can register now, please do--I need to give the Computer History Museum (same location as last time) at check for the first installment of our lease on Oct 15th and getting some early registrations would make that easier.

As with the last IIW, we're looking for corporate sponsorship help with meals, breaks, and so on to keep the cost low. The corporate sponsors from last time helped make the conference a memorable event with some great dinners and good breaks. Here's what we're hoping for:

  • Morning Break, Dec 5 and 6 ($800 each)
  • Afternoon Break, Dec 4, 5 and 6, ($800 each)
  • Lunch on Dec 5 and 6 ($2400 each)
  • Conference Dinner, Dec 5 ($4000)

If your company can help on any of these, please contact me. You will not get any extra speaking time for sponsoring but you will get thank-yous and community love.

The IIW2006B wiki is up and functioning. Once you're registered, please add your name to the "who's coming" list so that other's can see that you're coming and feel free to start a list of suggested sessions.

Please leave comments using the sidebar.

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