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Jordy has a nice write-up of last week's CTO Breakfast on his blog. He concentrates and adds to the discussion of online word processing and spreadsheet tools.

I think online doc sharing just hasn't reached a critical mass yet. It's too new, and too early in the product life cycle, especially when other (albeit clumsy) solutions are already in place. I had the hardest time getting my classmates to use a wiki for collaborative writing, and that was only a year ago. I'm sure that some of them will use them in the workplace or on social networks now that they've tried it out, but it was a hard transition. A true WYSIWYG editor would have helped to level the learning curve a little, but long years of editing and forwarding email attachments have proven hard to shake, despite being a clearly inferior way to collaborate. But wiki, Google docs, and other newish collaboration software will be huge in no time. Just give the early adopters (geeks and nerds) some time to do their thing.
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