Remembering the Beepwear Pager Watch

Timex Beepwear Pro
My old Timex Beepwear watch
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This morning while I was rooting around in a drawer, I found my old Timex Beepwear Pager watch. I bought it back in 1998 when I still wanted a pager and thought it was pretty cool that it would hold my appointments too. It's ugly and I thought it was a boat anchor. I didn't wear it much.

By coincidence, I was reading O'Grady's PowerPage blog today and saw an article about Sony Ericsson's BLuetooth watch. The watch definitely looks more stylish than the Beepwear watch, but it's even heavier. The Beepwear is only 74 grams including strap and battery. This thing is 190 grams. Either it's filled with uranium or it's a lot bigger than it looks in that picture.

I like the idea of a Bluetooth watch, but I'm not sure I'll like the execution.

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