The IT Conversations Seal of Approval

This morning I was listening to Marc Senasac's talk about People Aggregator from Mesh Forum. I've been listening to Marc Cantor talk about the People Aggregator for a while now. It felt good to have a description on IT Conversations.

My relief, if that's not too strong a word, was based on my belief that IT Conversations is an archive of ideas. We try to choose shows that have a long shelf life and that someone might want to listen to five year or even ten years from now. We don't always succeed in that ambition, but for the most part I think of IT Conversations as a great collection of talks and interviews on the state of high-tech.

That led me to another thought: speakers and conference goers ought to look for conferences that use IT Conversations. Because we're committed to good quality audio and keeping shows around forever, speakers can be assured that their talk will be heard by thousands, sometimes tens of thousands, more people that they would otherwise. Conference attendees know that they can go back later and listen to a talk that piqued their interest or even one that was double booked with another session they went to.

Many conference organizers have recognized this value and we're grateful for their support. Be sure to help us know what you value by taking a minute to rate shows you've listened to. We rely on those to know where to put our limited resources.

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Last modified: Thu Oct 10 12:47:18 2019.