It's fairly easy to follow your favorite blogs when they're updated frequently. I read Dave and Doc in my browser, because I know whenever I visit there will be something new and interesting. Infrequently updated blogs are another matter--that's where RSS is a perfect match.

I mentioned Steve Yegge last week. Another infrequent poster who's well worth reading is Steve Gillmor. His most recent Bad Sinatra post is a great example. He can be hard to read--especially if you don't follow tech industry news and trends very closely--but there's some great observations in the post and Steve's spot on.

I still hear from IT Conversations listeners that they miss the Gillmor Gang. Steve has a way of inciting (and that's the right word, I think) conversations among people that wouldn't happen otherwise and that's the true value. As much as I enjoy Steve's blog, I like his interactions with others in venues like the Gillmor Gang even better. Here's to more Bad Sinatra.

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Last modified: Thu Oct 10 12:47:19 2019.