Chuck Mortimore demos XMLDAP
Chuck Mortimore demos XMLDAP
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Speed geeking turned out great. I saw some things that really interested me and I got it in a quick hit. The following projects or demos were done:

  • - Video worth paying for
  • xmldap - Chuck Mortimore gave a demo that showed using en OpenID as a CardSpace card to log into Kim Cameron's blog.
  • Safari Inforcard Selector - This is a plug-in for Safari that implements an CardSpace card selector from Ian Brown.
  • AOL WebAIM Service nice demo showing how to get AIM data using a Web API. I would like to explore using this with the reputation framework we're developing.
  • CardSpace in Java
  • vAuth is a voice authentication service from Avery Glasser that leverages OpenID. You can enter your OpenID and then you get a screen telling you call a number and follow the instructions. When you're done, you're in.
  • Multi-project interoperability. This was a Higgins/Bandit interoperability demo that I missed.
  • Microformats and pingarati (?)
  • OpenSAMLid
  • The Sxipper showed the sxipper service and the use of signed attributes with OpenID.
  • Johannes Ernst shows OpenID and NetMesh--a fairly introductory demo to the service, but good for people who weren't familiar with how all this works.
  • OpenID in the Wild

I didn't get to all of them, but the ones I did go to were very good. Lots of good things happening and there's a real start on interoperability.

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