CTO Breakfast for January (at Novell)

It's time to start the CTO Breakfast series for 2007! We'll be meeting in a new place this time, so pay attention.

The CTO Breakfast for January will be help Thursday Jan 25th at 8am at the Novell Cafeteria. As usual you can bring any topic that has caught your interest for discussion. I'm anxious to talk about Windows Vista, bad software, and the new iPhone.

Here's directions: Take the University Ave exit off I-15, cross University Ave, and turn left (north) onto Novell Place and enter the Novell campus. When you drive up to bldg H (the 8-story bldg), turn left and park in the SW parking lot. The sidewalk on the west side of bldg H will take you to the cafe (bldg G). We'll be in the conference room at the far end (past the food court).

Here's the schedule for upcoming CTO Breakfasts. Put them on your calendar now, so you don't double book.

  • January 25 (Thursday)
  • February 15 (Thursday)
  • March 22 (Thursday)
  • April 27 (Friday)
  • May 24 (Thursday)

I had breakfast at the Novell cafeteria last month and was impressed--good food and good choice. I know this is further south than many like to drive, but I hope you'll give it a shot and then give me your feedback.

I hope to see you there!

Many thanks to Novell for making the space available to us.

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