We'll hold the CTO breakfast this Thursday at 8am. Last time we met in the Novell Cafeteria and that worked really well. Folks coming from Salt Lake reported that it was perhaps even shorter than driving over to Canyon Park.

As usual, the conversation will be informal and free-form. Anyone interested in how information technology is used to build products or run companies is welcome.

Here are the scheduled dates so far:

  • March 22 (Thursday)
  • April 20 (Friday) (changed!)
  • May 24 (Thurdsday)
  • Jun 28 (Friday)

Here's directions: Take the University Ave exit off I-15, cross University Ave, and turn left (north) onto Novell Place and enter the Novell campus. When you drive up to bldg H (the 8-story bldg), turn left and park in the SW parking lot. The sidewalk on the west side of bldg H will take you to the cafe (bldg G). We'll be in the conference room at the far end (past the food court).

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