CTO Breakfast Report for April 2007

Today was bring your child to CTO Breakfast day. Not officially, but with today being Spring Break, there were a few here. I brought my son so he could visit a friend who lives south.

Scott Lemon just got back from Web 2.0. The first thing he talked about was Instructables, a step-by-step collaboration site. There are all kinds of plans for creating guns with K'Nex. There are also other things, of course. You can get the slides from the talk here.

He was also pretty juiced about Joost, the P2P video application from the creators of Skype.

I announced the Jeannete Wing Organick Memorial Lecture that's happening last week. I also made sure people knew about the effort to get Seth Godin to Utah. Go pledge now!!!

We talked about good ways to record thoughts in the car. Voice memo recorders don't generally give good quality. Jott, is something we talked about last month which might work. An iPod with a recorder might work better. I'll have to try it. I've got a new Giant Squid mic that I want to try out.

Tyler Whitaker filled us in on the result's from Berkeley Data System's latest Programer Deathmatch, a programming contest. I used to do these in grad school (ACM programming contest) and they aren't easy. Solving, optimizing, and doing it all correctly under time pressure is a challenge even for good programmers.

We also had some good discussion of large scale systems, Twitter, virtualization, and Web 2.0 technologies. Here's some links:

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